“A child afraid to even cry out”…

The pages within my growing WordPress family never fail to inspire me in some way shape or form.

One blog in particular has caught my attention recently and I have been captivated by the honest and powerful nature of the writings over on “Refractory Ramblings from the Darkside”.

With that in mind, I am thrilled to present to you Alex as todays guest poet. You can read more here: http://ccchanel41.wordpress.com/about/


Cheers J


The Brave One

She sees the flames… through them…

Once in them…

The heat melted permanent tattoos into
her skin…

She is the protector, the brave one

Tattoos of justice now decorate her body
for the flesh of desire

To capture men who once held her innocence ransom

She flicks her lighter… cigarette to her

Lips that once choked out water
spit out dirt… trickled blood

Now luscious Red, wet only with

The brave one of the inside children, now
the saddest one…

She flicks the lighter again…

Another drag…

Anger, the great protector, who never feared
drops of blood

Now, flinches at the fall of tears that sting

Sexual currency, gives a smirk, as it is a monetary note
learned long ago

Before nursery rhymes and teddy bears, she wore
leather and lace and bows in her hair

She loved only once, learning quickly that aching death
was worse than any memory in the flames

The weakness was torture, shards of glass left behind
too real to remove

Too fragile. She loved the beauty of that pain, leaving it
to bleed, if only to feel…

Brought to her knees by weakness, love

Putrid sadness of a real world

She lit one last cigarette, comforted by
the familiar flames

She danced with the visions for a moment
fuelled by the rage

She was the protector again… ready for the night.

If you would like to be a guest poet, please send photo, words and youtube clip to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk