“And their laughter’s music to my ears”…

It is with great pleasure, that I am (finally) able to introduce George as tonight’s Guest Poet!

George has been a long time reader and a real supporter of all the guest poets who appear within these pages, so it was only fitting that I was finally able to get him to feature his work!

You can read more of George’s work here: https://georgeforfun.wordpress.com/about/

If you want to be a guest poet, just email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you to all those who have submitted recently – please bare / bear with me as I work through my backlog,

I hope you enjoy


Day by Day

Each day I live, I learn even more
Some days, I actually remember some things, too.
Old age or Senioritis doesn’t slow me down, much.
Concentrating on recalling a recent past does, indeed.
Today, while reading about mice and rats,
A big smile came upon my face
As glimmers of hope grew from inside my heart.
Finally, a good reason to like these creatures
Of Nature which I have had absolutely no use
Except observing them become fodder for wild yard cats.
Reading about cyborgs and rats & mice
Becoming the heroes to many my age
I almost felt guilty about being happy.
Then again an hour from now
Will I remember why?
Maybe someday soon,
I won’t need notes on the Fridge
Or abbreviations on my shoes:
TGIF, no not Thank Goodness It’s Friday,
but Toes Go In First ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Especially on Thursdays,
The day I need the most instructional help.
For those of you who don’t see the humor
Inside this witty little poem.
Don’t worry!
Senioritis helps me find joy
And forget so much else.
It’s not always sad
When my Rememberer skips a beat
And my Forgetter goes into overdrive.
We all grow older, mandatory it is
Unless you cease to exist today.
No one says we must grow up
Especially my adult role model, Peter Pan.
Where many only find pity,
I find humor and love.
After all,
Of all the things I’ve loved and lost

“So tell me when, you’re gonna let me in”…



Some things in life just happen…
Sometimes your eyes can’t see…

Sometimes there is no reason…
Some things are meant to be…

Sometimes the sun shines brightly…
Some days it is a cloud…

Somewhere there’s a rainbow…
Sometimes people are so damn proud…

Sometimes we’ve best intentions…
Some days our minds are black…

Somewhere it went missing…
Somehow we’ll get it back…

Sometimes we’ve just forgotten…
Some people won’t forgive…

Somewhere there’s an answer…
Some things aren’t ours to give…

Some people go on living…
Some days we live to die…

Sometimes it’s deep depression…
Sometimes Eye… Fly… High…

Some people just don’t get it…
Some believe only what they hear…

Some understand the bigger picture…
Some begin to fight their fear…

Some days we play the victim…
Somehow we just don’t exist…

Some people are so stunning…
Some yearn just to be kissed…

Some thoughts should be forgotten…
Sometimes we’re led astray…

Some words can never be spoken…
Some things just locked away…

Someone’s always watching…
Sometimes we still deceive…

Some say that there’s an ending…
Somehow we still believe…

Someday we will understand…
Some claim our eyes will see…

Some thoughts we will remember…
Someday death will set us free…



“Don’t stop it now, now is so right”…

I am really thrilled to introduce Richard as tonights guest poet – I have long admired Richard’s work and you can read more of his fantastic work here:  http://richardankers.com/

If you would like to grab a guest poet slot, please email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




It envelopes
In waves of YOU;
It’s all the same:
The wine glass,
Claret bubbling,
Waits for your lips;
I wait with it,
As your tongue samples the air.
Who’ll make the first move,
I wonder?
Yet, it is YOU,
Always YOU,
And I know it.
And I wish it.
And I desire it.
The night draws in
A dark cloak,
And I lose your shadow
To the void.
Lose my own, too.
But your eyes,
Emerald green and shining
Flick open,
The wing glass lifts,
And I wait for your stiletto
To be moved from my throat.
As I always do,
And always will
For YOU.

“The sound of loneliness turned up to ten”…



This is my life,
my own private hell…

A fucked up misfit,
in a mental prison cell…

Trying so hard,
to please everyone…

Just to be liked,
to be someone’s Sun…

In a cold cruel world,
amidst so much pain…

Never getting it right,
always trying to explain…

Leaving me drained,
bitter and twisted…

Wishing to end it,
like I never existed…

As no one would care,
if I just disappeared…

No one would notice,
if the desk was cleared…

And from this moment,
I dropped off the radar…

Life would go on,
just without my scars…

Where someone else,
would take my place…

Another faceless number,
so easy to replace…

And totally forgotten,
in the blink of an eye…

So maybe now’s the time,
to simply say goodbye…

A final farewell,
to the silent herds…

Leave them a message,
in actions, not words…

As this is my life and
I can no longer take it…

Sick of my imperfections,
sick of being a misfit…


“Whenever I fall”…

I am thrilled to welcome back our good friend Cate as a guest poet, it has been far too long!




I will have you at your will
But you are out of reach still
Trapped by feelings of guilt
I wait for the balance to tilt
For the sands of her time to run out
Dry deserts to give up the drought
A fresh start after a long dark night
Chance to bathe in warm sunlight
To drink from the fountain of true love
You must climb to reach me above
She has the power complete
I believe I cannot even compete.

She screeches in the night
Blood curdling accusations
Passionately wants to fight
She has a hold on you
How can I compete?

Talons dig in deep
Fingernails clawing you back
While I lie here at your tethered feet
She will never release you
How can I compete?

Staying by her devilish side
The enemy best wrestled closer
Timed moves to escape will arrive
But she won’t let you out of sight
How can I compete?

Pulling at your torn heart strings
Ripping further your tortured soul
The line reels you back in
She cannot unhook you
How can I compete?

Years of memories bond
Playing all her cards
The ace of hearts and beyond
She always wins you back
How can I compete?

Her naked charms persist
Open to tempt you to stay
Not able to protest or resist
She embraces with wicked smile
How can I compete?

In darkness trying to break free
Chains tighten and cut skin
Tears flesh just to be with me
She strengthens the links
How can I compete?

A poisonous spell intoxicates
Forms hallucinations of happiness
Keeps you in a drugged state
She makes you believe her
How can I compete?

Trying hard to leave the den
While hawklike attention’s turned
Undercover efforts deepen
She builds the walls higher
How can I compete?

With mind set on freedom’s gate
The path laden with clever traps
Yet still you risk your fate
She tries to keep you attached
How can I compete?

She devil sees you’re stronger
Midnight wails at her loosening grip
The eternal ties hold no longer
She cannot halt free will?
How can I compete?

I will have you at your will
My open arms calm and still
You walk at your pace towards me
My patience rewarded by what I see
A man who loves me and has choice
Comes to me with truth in voice
Embracing and falling deep
Equals in the life we seek
I am who I am, you are who you are
We accept each other so far
Finally together on our window seat.
I realise I didn’t have to compete.

“You are beautiful, no matter what they say”…

I am thrilled to welcome Carol Anne as my latest guest poet.

You can read more of her work here: http://multime1980.wordpress.com/



Could have been

I could have been beautiful
I could have been strong
But you told me I was nothing
You told me I was wrong
I could have been courageous
I could have been happy
But you filled me with shame
You filled me with self-doubt
You abused my trust
In every way and more
You left me weak and stressed and sore
You ripped out my heart and soul
You taunted me each day I was alive
How was I supposed to survive and thrive?
This thing called abuse has robbed me of so much
It’s made me grow up fast
It’s made me tough
Now I’m an adult with severe ptsd
Dissociation too, can’t you see?
See this life I have endured for so long
Can’t you see how it made me strong?
Being strong isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be
On most days I just want to be free

carol anne

If you would like to be a guest poet, please send words, photo and youtube clip to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

“Telling my whole life with his words, killing me softly with his song”…


Today I welcome back my inspiring and much loved guest poet Cate – Enjoy!


Poet Who Heals the Souls

You’ve done it again
Do you know what you do
Painting with palette of words
Capturing my shades of blue

You tell it like it is what it is
Do you realise your steadying influence
Toying with magical ribbons of prose
Tying me in knots of conscience

You write with such bravery
Do you often feel the fear
Exposing bare wounds
Making me lose my own veneer

You twist the stories darker
Do you relish the extreme ending
Needing to spit and spite in Hell
Hitting me with the heat you’re expending

You make sense of the senseless
Do you see how you give clarity
Focussing the looking glass
Supporting my turmoil with parity

You hit hard where it hurts
Do you have notion of your crime
Having talent that is inspiring
Breaking my heart time after time

You know where it’s going
Do you hope to engage finality
Forcing words deeper inside
Opening my eyes to reality

You feel what you’re doing
Do you reach out to touch
Unravelling your readers’ souls
Knowing my turmoil helps so much

You show honesty through rhythms
Do you hear the heart beats
Flowing your streams of conscious
Writing my life so history never repeats

You take followers on journeys
Do you lead them knowingly
Waking the healing power of your lines
Giving me perspective guiding gently

You capture moments so exquisite
Do you see the genius you hold
Providing a haul of scenarios
Seizing my mind’s eyeful that is untold

You are prolific in delivery
Do you churn out all you have inside
Fighting to keep inner demons happy
Championing my efforts to battle the tide

You have space to share your ability
Do so with humour, quirks and darkness
Gifting your catalogue for the world to see
Inspiring me to need you more I confess

You will be humbled by this
Do you take it I wonder tonight
Hoping you absorb admiration and love
Allowing my poem about you to take flight


If you would like to guest poem on my blog, please drop me a photo, words and a song to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk