“And there is time yet, for you to find me”…

Please welcome Malcolm as tonights guest poet!

You can read more of his work here: malcolmjarell.wordpress.com

I hope you enjoy!





If I give you the
Love I would
want you to

Would you,
for me,
Do the same?

Across distances, let
Our love communicate,
Expressing all secrets
Of our hearts.

Like rivers of
water, my love
Flows for you.

Like warm rays of
Sunlight, my love
Shines for you.

Like lilies, reaching
For the day, my love
Grows for you.

Brighter than any
Star at night, my love
Glows for you.

Soon, this love
I will share with you,

Held close, with
Care, on reserve
For you.

© 2012 Malcolm Jarell


“The stars burning, in the empty sky”…



Here today but,
gone too soon…

Just shooting stars,
not like the Moon…

That hangs around,
in time and space…

Never showing us,
its darkened face…

Remaining forever,
within our view…

Unlike the passing,
of those we hold true…

The ones we love,
become the faces we lose…

God takes the best,
we don’t get to choose…

Who stays or who goes,
to Heaven’s domain…

From the dawn of time,
it’s been the same…

As the departed travel,
into unknown lands…

Leaving behind them,
grieving hands…

Reaching upwards,
towards the sky…

Forever asking,
“Why God, Why”???

But no one answers and
as the silence deafens…

Our turn gets closer and
our mortality is threatened…

Because in many ways,
we just live to die…

There’s no way to stop it,
we can’t even try…

As we’re here today,
but will be gone soon…

Just shooting stars,
not like the Moon…