“Don’t you, forget about me”…

Please join me in welcoming Viera Reign to the EyeWillNotCry guest poet family!

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Summer Haze

You’re a summer haze,
A breeze I would always chase.
A touch of what I couldn’t grasp,
A dream I’d sleep for every night.
You were there, I could almost feel you.
Or was it an illusion, my own kind of truth?
Tauntingly, you offered a hand to me,
And I, like a helpless child, reached out for thee.
The tip of our fingers touched in a flash,
And there, that connection was ours.
I almost painted a hue of bliss,
A tinge of hope, and a touch of faith.
Yet my knees hurt, my eyes burned
Until the ground where I stand pulled me down the earth.
Until the hope became despair.
And bliss turned into misery.
Until all my fingers bleed,
Collecting pieces of our bittersweet memory.
You stayed up there, eyes wide open.
And I was stuck here, eyes closed and broken.
You seemed so near, yet proved to be far,
And faith vanished, overruled by scars…


“Telling my whole life with his words, killing me softly with his song”…


Today I welcome back my inspiring and much loved guest poet Cate – Enjoy!


Poet Who Heals the Souls

You’ve done it again
Do you know what you do
Painting with palette of words
Capturing my shades of blue

You tell it like it is what it is
Do you realise your steadying influence
Toying with magical ribbons of prose
Tying me in knots of conscience

You write with such bravery
Do you often feel the fear
Exposing bare wounds
Making me lose my own veneer

You twist the stories darker
Do you relish the extreme ending
Needing to spit and spite in Hell
Hitting me with the heat you’re expending

You make sense of the senseless
Do you see how you give clarity
Focussing the looking glass
Supporting my turmoil with parity

You hit hard where it hurts
Do you have notion of your crime
Having talent that is inspiring
Breaking my heart time after time

You know where it’s going
Do you hope to engage finality
Forcing words deeper inside
Opening my eyes to reality

You feel what you’re doing
Do you reach out to touch
Unravelling your readers’ souls
Knowing my turmoil helps so much

You show honesty through rhythms
Do you hear the heart beats
Flowing your streams of conscious
Writing my life so history never repeats

You take followers on journeys
Do you lead them knowingly
Waking the healing power of your lines
Giving me perspective guiding gently

You capture moments so exquisite
Do you see the genius you hold
Providing a haul of scenarios
Seizing my mind’s eyeful that is untold

You are prolific in delivery
Do you churn out all you have inside
Fighting to keep inner demons happy
Championing my efforts to battle the tide

You have space to share your ability
Do so with humour, quirks and darkness
Gifting your catalogue for the world to see
Inspiring me to need you more I confess

You will be humbled by this
Do you take it I wonder tonight
Hoping you absorb admiration and love
Allowing my poem about you to take flight


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“Don’t say a prayer for me now, save it ’til the morning after”…


Thrilled that my cheeky little guest writer Cate has penned more words…


Scorpion’s Tail

Stung by the scorpion’s tail
My equine power not flighty enough
Left in shock and pale
Your delicious poison took its hold
And I revel in the inner glow
My bow bends
The arrow turns on its head
Struck again
My veins run strong with you inside
Don’t make me bleed is all I plea
The desert holds no prisoners
But I know that the captured one is me

Lust is such the fearful sin
My resistance is not enough to hold back
Left with no option but to begin
Ignited by the stirring desires
And the baring of hot skin and flesh
My spine arches
The stairs that lead to ecstasy
Stroke again
My layers are absorbing you in
Don’t flee this feeling while we are two
No wounding that cannot be healed
Curved tail hooks me with wanting from you

Trapped in a corner of my mind
My sanity is no longer mine to control
Left in your hands the power is yours I find
Games of deception and truths untold
And thoughts of each other’s needs exposed
My skin itches
The burn remains deliciously addictive
Scratch again
My whole being crying for you to touch
Don’t hold back words of temptation
The sands of time run faster now
Propel us towards no sign of redemption


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“Only know you love her, when you let her go”…

photo sal

Todays words, picture and song choice come from my wonderful guest writer Sal…


“Let her go”

He had known for a while
Known there was something wrong
Known she was changing
Before his very eyes
He had watched her
As she began to wilt
Her light began to fade

Gone was the happy spirit
He had fallen in love with
Now she was just a shadow
Of her former self
A ghost
That walked amongst
The living

He had taken her away
To his house in the county
Hoping she would
Once again find herself
But she continued
To disappear
Before his eyes

Now he stood watching her
As the thunder rolled
Watched her as she began
To dance to nature’s wild concerto
Seeing the light
In her eyes
Begin to reignite

He knew then
Knew he couldn’t tame her spirit
Couldn’t continue to cage her
Knew he had to open the doors
And set her free
Walking out into the rain
He stopped her dance

In her hand he placed the key
To the collar she wore
Caressing her cheek as he whispered
“It’s time to let you go
My little bird
Go fly free
Be the woman you are meant to be”

Her tears joined the rain
As she kissed his lips
One final time
She didn’t argue
Didn’t fight
She knew herself that the time
Was right

He watched as she turned
And walked away
All around the storm did rage
Falling to his knees
As a torrent of emotion and pain
Escaped from his body
The pain he felt would always be there

But he knew he loved her enough

To let her go…


Read more of Sal’s words here: http://sjw2014.wordpress.com/