“Love is so confusing, there’s no peace of mind”…

Please welcome back the much loved Cate as tonights Guest Poet!

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This time…

Trusting in another
An only one and no further

Opening my soul
Allowing the soothing to take hold

Exposing the heart
A sacred place where hope starts

Revealing inner thoughts
Held tight as endless knots

Releasing the loneliness
Relishing chance to lose emptiness

Voicing fears and desires
Knowing possibility of burning fires

Expressing surety needs
Hoping for an embrace that agrees

Accepting a caress
Feeling touches that enable access

Laying myself bare
Placing all insecurities out there

Confessing to sin
Darker side of the person within

Telling of innocence
The complexity of human existence

Wanting true happiness
Relying on mirroring of eternal madness

Betraying sacred trust
Destroying the fuelled flames of lust

Expecting ‘the one’
Confidence in a partnership gone

Freeing feelings lost
Freedom within sight is at a cost

Entrusting whole virtue
Waiting for perfection is now skewed

Decomposing fledgling love
Disintegrating because of all of the above

Closing down core
Hibernating mind, body and soul once more

Until next time…




“A million and one candle lights”…

Please give a warm welcome to Samuel for tonight’s guest poet slot.

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Don’t Take You From Me‏

Passion stirs in me a great reaction
A great flame stokes
Painstakingly burning
Ruthlessly rendering to dust the thick veins within me

You are that inferno
The unneutralized reaction
My breath
The canvass on which my epic is scripted
Don’t take you away from me, Daughter of Eve
Don’t deprive me of my breath
Don’t contrive to render me to death

Dear Maria
Reward my passion
With your compassion
Please don’t take you from me.