“We’ll make it alright, to come undone”…

Please welcome back (finally!) my friend Cate as tonight’s Guest Poet!

If you would like to guest poet, please email your poetry to me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




You can’t hide behind your poison
The liquid burns though veins
Can not truly fulfil
Does not warm the chill
Loneliness remains

You can’t forget the taste of her love
The nectar runs through fingers
Is out of touch
Does not sense so much
Wanting lingers

You can’t deny yourself in the mirror
The dark sadness seeps through skin
Tries to not show
Does no good to wallow
Heartbreaking within

You can’t hold on to the past for long
The pain will rip through soul
Its damage not forever
Does no harm to sever
Taking parole

You can’t let her love mean nothing
The bond can bind you tight
It ties for forever more
Does not mean closed doors
Enabling flight

You can’t not reach out when you need
The pull is strong between two
Keeps it within reach
Does no less than teach
Powerfully cruel

You can’t walk away from her cries
The pain heard from afar
Lust can be replaced
Does not mean love’s erased
Memories scar

You can’t keep her locked forever
The clasp must loosen in time
Freedom the given goal
Does not destroy the soul
Liberation fine

You can’t not tell her true feelings
The hidden depths of certainty
Stronger as clock ticks by
Does not stop Angel fly
Sunshine’s eternally

“Don’t say a prayer for me now, save it ’til the morning after”…


Thrilled that my cheeky little guest writer Cate has penned more words…


Scorpion’s Tail

Stung by the scorpion’s tail
My equine power not flighty enough
Left in shock and pale
Your delicious poison took its hold
And I revel in the inner glow
My bow bends
The arrow turns on its head
Struck again
My veins run strong with you inside
Don’t make me bleed is all I plea
The desert holds no prisoners
But I know that the captured one is me

Lust is such the fearful sin
My resistance is not enough to hold back
Left with no option but to begin
Ignited by the stirring desires
And the baring of hot skin and flesh
My spine arches
The stairs that lead to ecstasy
Stroke again
My layers are absorbing you in
Don’t flee this feeling while we are two
No wounding that cannot be healed
Curved tail hooks me with wanting from you

Trapped in a corner of my mind
My sanity is no longer mine to control
Left in your hands the power is yours I find
Games of deception and truths untold
And thoughts of each other’s needs exposed
My skin itches
The burn remains deliciously addictive
Scratch again
My whole being crying for you to touch
Don’t hold back words of temptation
The sands of time run faster now
Propel us towards no sign of redemption


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“We may lose and we may win”…


So, in the midst of a busy week that has thrown up more questions than answers on a personal matter, this blog was nominated for an award. Nominated twice actually, which really made me smile and was quite humbling.

It is not the first time; you may remember that previously, the lovely Nina from http://wordsthatflowlikewater.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/inspiring-the-very-inspiring-blogger-award/  Nominated this blog for the “Very Inspiring Blog” award – which was really nice of her.


This achievement has now been followed up by both Richard from http://richardankerswrites.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/the-versatile-blogger-award/ and Christine from http://crissyb315.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/the-versatile-blogger-award/ nominating this blog for the “Versatile blogger award”.  Which again, is really nice and I am truly humbled.


Both these awards come with things that need to be done and I have to admit, I am pretty poor at these – however, the fact that these awards come from wordpress peers does mean a lot and whilst I have little of interest about myself to do any sort of list, I do feel the need to spread the word of others blogs.

The below are 10 blogs that I read and follow – and I would encourage you to try them out for size – these are just a snapshot as I follow a huge amount – so if your blog isn’t below, it is not reflection on you – more an opportunity.

Please leave a comment and let people know where they can find you – this could be an opportunity for all of us to build up our wordpress base? Not sure if this will even work, but don’t be shy – we all want to be read – even if we do not think what we produce is worth reading!

So, here is a snapshot in addition to the 3 above and in no order:











So, a song to leave this ramble – I watched an Eagles documentary last night and really enjoyed it, so have a few tunes floating round in my head – this one is a message for the weekend – “Take it easy” – no more words needed – well, unless you wish to comment!


“Lost, in a snow filled sky”…


Three silver hearts are colliding…
A hug, One wish, Our love…
I’ll be your soulmate forever…
Till the day we soar like doves…
Taking flight into a midnight sky…
Heading for some other worldly dimension…
Hand in hand, stepping into the light…
To a place devoid of all Earthly tension…

Until then, it’s still me and you…
The team that takes some beating…
You know by now, my love is true…
Unrelenting since our very first meeting…
There’s no distance existing between us…
And no boundaries or barriers here…
The Earth spins so fast as we embrace…
Everything’s connected whenever you’re near…

Our hands make loving heart shapes…
And our eyes carry passion, lust and hope…
Love flows throughout our pulsating veins…
Even when walking life’s slender tightrope…
Every second with you is so precious…
And each moment that passes a gift…
Yet time spent within and around you…
Speeds past us much too god damn swift…

When I’m beside you, I’m simply drowning…
In a whirlpool full of deep emotion…
I stay afloat in your eyes alone…
In this endless and romantic ocean…
It was fate that drew us together…
Over space and time and land…
You’re the only one that I’ll ever hold dear…
I’m reminded by the touch of your hand…

Life without you would have no meaning…
Like the sunset without any sun…
Or a clear night sky, without any stars…
Without you I’d just come undone…
Three silver hearts are colliding…
A hug, One wish, all my love…
I’m so proud to be the one by your side…
Till the day we soar like doves…