The Truth…


He’s not the man you thought he was…
You can see it deep in his eyes

That mask he’s worn every day…
Was a thin and fragile disguise

Constructed of smoke and mirrors…
It relied upon casual distraction

Keeping you from seeing the truth…
Kept you away from the real action

As he struck a deal with the Devil
Upon turning the age of Thirty Three…

And in exchange for sinful pleasures
He handed over his soul so willingly

But you would never have known it…
As he kept it all so well hidden

And from the outside looking in
You’d never see all that’s forbidden…

Nor the sweet fruit that he’d tasted
Or the lives that he had destroyed…

Whilst he took just what he wanted
Breaking hearts like childrens toys

But now he drowns in the darkness
Long gone are those days of light

His vision is now clouded by sadness…
Regret replaces those once lustful nights

As the sands of time are running out
And he is counting down the days

All that remains are the flashbacks
Vivid memories trap him in a maze

Whilst he faces up to the grim reality
That his time on Earth is now short

He could not escape this forever…
Immortality could never be bought…

And that fear of what is coming…
The Hell that will be his prison

Fills his cold heart with a panic
As he knows he can’t be forgiven

There’s nothing more he can do
The damage has already been done…

And the next chapter that he faces…
Will be full of Fire and Brimstone…



Inspired by the song “It Seemed The Better Way” By Leonard Cohen

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