He knew what you were to him…
Nothing more and nothing less…

A single beacon of shining light
In a dark ocean full of stress

You were there when it mattered…
In the right place at the right time

Offering the hand of friendship
Throwing him a slender lifeline

Someone who he could turn to…
Independently listening to his pain…

But who never sat in judgement
With seemingly nothing to gain

And as the months went by
The levels of trust slowly escalated…

He felt he could tell you anything
Without feeling so humiliated…

Disclosing all his dark secrets
Exposing all his hidden sins

Things he’d never told anybody…
That’s how deep he let you in

But his mind was so fragile
He was not thinking straight

He began to fall deep so quickly…
As your eyes began to captivate…

You entered all his dark dreams
And he started to fantasise

That you could be together
A thought that tantalized

But poisoned your relationship…
From the second you kissed back…

Leaving him in a lustful daze
Unaware he’d walked into your trap…

Into your spider’s web of deceit
A labyrinth of devious white lies

Not realising all you’d said to him
Was just part of your disguise

And he never saw it coming
It was a cleverly constructed sham…

As you were never just a shoulder
And deception was all part of the plan



Inspired by the song “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” By Marc Almond

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