Darker Days…

Please welcome Matthew as tonight’s Guest Poet!

You can read more of Matthews work here: www.findingwhoweare.com

If you would like to submit a poem, email eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Like an old friend, you find your way back
The rain kisses my face
A scorned lover, an unfortunate foe

My heart skips a beat
I cannot find my breath
Fear overtakes my soul, I’m lost here

The depths of this terror find me
They swallow me as though I were small
Broken, I cave to your oppression

Thunder roars inside of my ears
Screaming as the demons sweep through my mind
I can’t see

They have their way with me
Having left, I sit within my own ashes
I can only wait for them to return

I wallow in my sorrow
I plead for a Saviour
I’ve seen him before, but I cannot feel him now

Darkness pervades my sight
My heartbeat slows, my breathing lessens
In the midst of my death, a light shines

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