Guest Poet 5 – Baby, The Sky Is Roaring…

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Guest Poet number Five is another first time submitter, so please welcome Samdarella!

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Part 2

After a while,
The sky still hasn’t hurt me.
Though I’m lying in the cold
I feel less empty.
I’ve stopped waiting for you.
Stopped calling out your name.
Held onto Hope again
And faced the sky with shame.

Baby, the sky is crying.
Tears tapping my senses to wake.
Differentiating sensations of feelings
As oppose to the fake…
Ones I felt with you.
Warmth from your touch on those nights,
More scorching than comforting
That’s why they didn’t feel right.
Baby, the sky is crying.
Wrapping me up in feels.
Cleaning away all your infections from my wounds
to allow them to heal.
Baby, the sky is roaring.
Shaking the earth with its vibrations.
Cracking through my skull
And breaking away your words of affections,
Scaring my heart into beating again.
Pulsing with renewed fondness
Towards a world I left behind,
Sharper now without your nearness.
Baby, the sky is striking.
And in its brightness
Can I now see your horns
Behind your false kindness.
Baby, the sky is roaring.
And so am I.
Today was my redemption.
And I’m leaving you fatally, far behind.

Once the storm slows
And the sky begins to clear,
Though my eyes may be open
My spirit will no longer be here.

And, baby, you weren’t here
When I asked for a cure.
So I turned to the sky
To wash me pure.

Rule No.1 – We don’t talk about death here.
Rule No.2 – Only when the devil is here, Rule No.1 is a lie.
Rule No.2 – We talk about life here.

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