Guest Poet 4 – Fallen Angel…

This week, these pages are turned over to selected Guest Poets – I hope you enjoy!

Guest Poet number four needs no introduction and I am thrilled to welcome back the beautiful and much loved Cate!

If you would like to read more of Cate’s work, please use the search function on this blog!

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My conscience whispers
Deep into my heart
Fallen angel
Wings clipped
To never fly

Inner turmoil churns
Deep to my core
Fallen angel
Halo slipped
Makes Venus sigh

Darkness broods over
Crimson ink swirls
Fallen angel
Smile fades
The devil tries

Temptation weaves again
Horned shadows advance
Fallen Angel
Listens intently
Hears doves cry

Reason leaves me
Hell breaks loose
Fallen Angel
Rules broken
No understanding why

Golden head bowed
On pennant knees
Fallen Angel
Truth wins
Lust must die

Internal voices clash
Thunder rumbles on
Fallen angel
Needs cleansing
Raindrops will purify

Saviour stands strong
Heart opens wide
Fallen Angel
Drawn willingly
Steps gratefully inside

Sunshine warms me
Pale skin glows
Fallen angel
Lifted up
Seeking the sky

My fire returns
Burning embers ignite
Fallen angel
Soul stirred
Chance to try

Holding on tight
Testing wings tentatively
Fallen angel
Burden lighter
Never to lie

Competing voices quieten
Silenced by love
Fallen angel
Breathes deep
Then takes flight

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