Guest Poet 3 – Celtic Green…

This week, these pages are turned over to selected Guest Poets – I hope you enjoy!

My third Guest Poet has also submitted a first time post– so please welcome Donna!

You can read more of Donna’s work here:

If you would like to send a submission in for a future Guest Poet spot, please email




There it is the Celtic green
Dancing under the chin
Traveling down the arm
Sharing places where music has been

A color imbibed in photosynthesis
Inspired by the sun
Central to the stage
Where my vision is drawn

Green pendant of peace
Draped and bespoke
It sways to the artists reverie
A sensual accord evoked

Ritualistic gesture
Inclined to inspire
But the magic is in the music
Void slight of hand and attire

One response to “Guest Poet 3 – Celtic Green…

  1. Thank you for including me as a Guest Poet on your site. I always look forward to your poems. What a great song to include with the poem. One of my favorite Dels songs, and very appropriate.

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