Inner Torment…



Not sure when it happened…
Not sure where it began

It’s blurred around the edges…
Out of focus and off plan

Yet it became embedded
Took root within my soul

In a moment of weakness
Spinning out of all control

My knees weak under strain…
My head not thinking straight

At the bottom of a bottle
When it was much too late…

To look at you objectively
To realise the impact

To withhold my affections…
And deny the clear facts

That in the quest for distraction…
You became something more

An unstoppable force
As clothes fell to the floor…

And morels got lost
Whilst limbs intertwined…

Stealing stolen kisses
As vodka mixed with wine…

And your face was imprinted…
Into my vulnerable mind

So each time that I dreamt
You’re the only one I’d find

Whispering so gently
Speaking forbidden words…

And haunting me daily
Within songs of the birds…

So I ignore all the nightmares…
Where ravens would attack

I embrace your verbal arrows
That would stab into my back

Because I burn with this passion…
And the thrill of this torment…

As this is never ending
There’s no halting my decent



Inspired by the song “#1 Crush” by Garbage

10 responses to “Inner Torment…

  1. J, I love your inspiration for, “Inner Torment…” I always thought the edges were blurred on purpose, not to be mistaken with a crisp chalk outline, that way we always have an excuse for our behavior. “I will crawl on hands and knees until you see, you’re just like me”, we all do this at least once, right? I think you did a wonderful job with your poem, expanding on the idea of the perfect obsession, whoops I mean crush. Hope you’re having a great week. ~ Mia

    • Thanks Kritkam, glad you connected – as to your question, you could fool yourself into thinking yes, but I think once the roots take place, the honest answer is you will always carry it with you. Cheers J

      • That is true. You will always carry it within your self. It will be there deep down even while you move on. But move on you will. The thing that tormented you for days might later come to your mind only for seconds. I am glad that I connected too 🙂

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