Pull Me…

Please welcome Chris as tonight’s Guest Poet!

You can read more of Chris’s work here: https://survivingthespecter.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/pull-me-poetry/

If you would like to become a Guest Poet, please email me your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Pull Me

I had a little trigger that pushed me all the way
To hang myself upon my door, I couldn’t make it go away
I knocked it down with sleeping pills, and tucked it in with rum
The Spectre slashed his razor claws, the round had slipped into the gun

I had a little trigger that pulled itself real tight
I slipped the belt around my neck, I lost the will to fight
I cut it off with leather cinched, this time would be the last
I’d ever have to take again, the demons from my past

I had a little trigger, it jabbed me in my throat
To end the crap that smeared itself, across the lies it wrote
The failures, loss, resentment, of a thousand dreaded days
To suck out all the happiness, replaced it with the grey that stays

The trigger pulled, the hammer fell
The firing pin that sealed my hell
Waiting while the light fades out
Extinguishing without a shout

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