Ghosts We Know In Depression…

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It happens once a month now

and remains curling around

my cold soul for days, like

a tapping thorn. I feel the decay

cascade and claw. Eventually it will

drown me with its designed dreariness.

I hear the guessing winds whip

around my frail frame, choking me

with infinite circles of such sadness.

               The triumphant truth of love is that

               it’s a reciprocated obsession teetering

               upon a madness held by another

               willing and wanting heart…

Many years ago I walked alone

along Michigan Avenue with no

enticement from strawberry manes.

The diamond lights of the city forged

their bright, pillared polish against

fountain frames and the denim blue

of skyscraper skies thrusting through

the sprinkling leaves of smiling trees.

I may not survive the week.


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