The Pull…

Please welcome back the beautiful Cate as my latest Guest Poet!

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The pull
The invisible line that reaches out

The temptation
The words heard that draw me in

The reaction
The denial spoken that is not felt

The lust
The twisted emotion that is wrong

The lever
The hovering hand that waits

The balance
The uncertain weight that is expected

The line
The sand drawn that is easily overstepped

The call
The soothing voice that is familiar

The tone
The seductive sound that entices

The sin
The rebellion against that most held dear

The abyss
The loss of feeling that’s intoxicating

The drug
The inability to resist EVERY time

The push
The tipping point that’s not under control

The satisfaction
The fulfilling of desires that explodes

The emotion
The revealing of truth that’s always known

The sharing
The bond held that’s only between two

The need
The wanted passion that’s almost tasted

The reality
The distance that keeps apart lovers

The time
The precious moments that are seized

The memory
The images that are locked away tight

The key
The answer to that virtual padlock

The pain
The ticking clock that brings agony

The knowledge
The thoughts that are parallel and reflected

The love
The only thing that they hold on to

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