Breaking Ties…

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One Last Too Much

Say your farewells, your good lucks, and goodbyes
A chime of glasses kissing, arms wrapped in tight embrace
One last public gesture in the race against inevitabilities.
Going through the expected motions, a strong facade
Of ‘I’m happy for you’ and “we’ll keep in touch”.

No we won’t.

You’ll be busy. I’ll be distant.
You’ll be moving on. I’ll be standing still.
Too much history to erase, but that doesn’t mean
The story must go on.
Maybe the curtain has fallen,
After the wooden hook took me away.
I never did quite fit in,
Where you cast me in your life’s play.

Say your good intentions, your practiced lines, and rehearsed promises.
A caricature of friendship and clean slates.
One last time in the scene we always act out.
A dance we have memorized, a tattered pretence
Of ‘acceptable closeness’ and “good friends”.

No we weren’t.

You’ll be my never. I’ll be your what if.
You’ll be settled. I’ll be restless.
Too much secrecy to reveal, but that doesn’t mean
I want to keep lying.
Maybe these are our end credits,
And the screen is fading to black.
I never did quite manage
To mask how I felt anyway.

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