“And if I lose you now, I think I would die”…



The cruel ice queen…
Had a cold black heart…

And a sinners soul
That’d been torn apart…

An angel who’d fallen
From so very high

With the ability to twist…
And the ability to lie

Deceiving all around
Whilst weaving her web…

Before trapping her prey
Leaving them for dead

And they just kept coming…
Praying for their turn

Disbelieving the stories
Ignoring the concern

Never seeing the danger…
Only blinded by her face

As she was a goddess
In a god forsaken place…

She promised distraction
A release from real life

Trading moments of pleasure…
For a lifetime of strife

And one by one by one
She sucked them all in

Showed them the darkness…
Infected them with her sin

Left them begging for more
As their addiction took hold

Then leaving them hanging
Just as it was foretold

Breaking so many hearts…
With no conscience at all

She got them so high
Just to watch them fall…

She fed off the power
She loved the control

Watching all of her victims…
Knowing just what she stole


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