“Don’t feed it, it will come back”…

Please welcome Autumn Sky as my latest guest poet!

You can read more of Autumn’s work here: hearknowevil.wordpress.com

If you want to be a guest poet, email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


It entered the world innocent, weak, and starkly white,
With not the slightest intention of becoming a blight:
It nursed, and It cried; crawled, walked, got on skis,
The pale monster which would one day bring me to my knees.
Much, much later on, I made an awful mistake,
One little trip, on a whim, I decided to take,
Placed me within reach of this wretched manifestation,
Of my heart’s desire and my soul’s fascination –
The timing was tempting for this trick of Love’s magic,
Heedless of the warning signs, defying the tragic,
I allowed It to conquer, to swallow me whole,
My entrails,, every cell was devoured by the troll.
Something new and exciting It had not encountered before,
Another life experience to add to Its store,
It feasted, It gorged, It came back for more,
It threw me the keys and unlocked the door.
It piled on promises, It held out till the end,
It plied me with hope and the words of a friend,
Made me drunk on Its voice, Its body and mind,
So tightly coiled, but It helped me unwind:
It kissed me deeply; It held me tightly;
It unclogged my fears and hope sparkled brightly;
The miseries of distance, love’s deepest conviction,
The story felt true, but the cover said “Fiction,”
An opaque wrap artfully hid it from view,
Till the very last It declared the story was true,
And then turned a page I did not know existed,
At the bottom two words mercilessly listed,
My soul they did puncture, my heart they did rend:
Its guiltless, cruel fingers had scrawled in: “THE END.”


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