“Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer”…

Guest Poet Week – Number 6

To celebrate this blogs 2nd anniversary, I am honouring other people’s work with a week of Guest Poets.

The Guest Poet feature on this blog has been tremendously successful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every poet who has taken the time to partake.

Guest Poet number Six this week is new to these pages as a poet, but a regular commenter  – so please welcome Claire!

You can read more of Claire’s work here – http://everylifeisamemoir.com/

Going forward, the Guest Poet slots will still be available, so if you want to join in, please email your words to me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



The Dance


Dancing with Reality is to have a skilled partner

With style, he whirls me across the floor

His feet execute moves never seen on this earth

With ease that comes only with practice


When I falter, he does not stop

When my breath fails, he does not slow

One hand tightens around my waist

And with the other he compels me on


His favorite device is to spin me

Around and around I go

The room’s in a haze, and my head is light

But he will not allow me to slow


Eventually, I collapse from exhaustion

Thirst and fatigue overtake me

When I wake, my lungs still on fire

He stands over me with a mocking smile


His hand is outstretched while he bows

My unwilling hand he folds in his own

He pulls me up close, looks deep into my eyes

And spins me back into his dance

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