“Never ending or beginning, on an ever spinning reel”…

Guest Poet Week – Number 5

To celebrate this blogs 2nd anniversary, I am honouring other people’s work with a week of Guest Poets.

The Guest Poet feature on this blog has been tremendously successful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every poet who has taken the time to partake.

Guest Poet number five this week is new to these pages, so please welcome LF!

Going forward, the Guest Poet slots will still be available, so if you want to join in, please email your words to me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




Who are you to me?
Speak: Friend or foe? State it plain.

Innumerable confessions, uttered below conscious realms;
Intangible ramblings of restless torment. Unanswered,
By the deafening emptiness.

Reverberating blackness,
That quakes to my core, numbing away texture.
Pierced by fresh spears of revelation;
A newly permeating truth,
Needles in my mind.
Unpinned from this world;
Untethered, feet falter,
Further I fall.

Who are we to each other?
Deeply embedded together, we sleep.
Degenerate cycles repeating,
Cycling degeneration.
Repeatedly embedding,
Deeper still.

Through short-lived, lucid windows we glimpse,
At the light of life; too fleeting.
Unable to warm our outstretched palms,
Reaching upward for absolution.
Undeserving. We waste,
In the ruin of our false alters.

Ancient lessons shrouded by our impure veils,
The chorus of Prophets once joyfully sung,
Now shamefully silenced. Drowned,
In unrepentant parades,
Of our self-serving celebration.

Vital breath reminds;
Gratefully, I inhale.
My fingers skim the familiar seams of day,
The vacant hallway dappled with the new light of morning.
A short reprieve –
As the next revolution commences.
And I wonder;

To what end?

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