“Remember lighting the flame”…

Guest Poet Week – Number 1

To celebrate this blogs 2nd anniversary, I am honouring other people’s work with a week of Guest Poets.

The Guest Poet feature on this blog has been tremendously successful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every poet who has taken the time to partake.

First up this week, please welcome back our much loved friend Cate!

Going forward, the Guest Poet slots will still be available, so if you want to join in, please email your words to me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Remember lighting the flame?
Burning bright for hours
Like a moth sweeping over you
The glow revealed our feelings
Shadows held our secrets

Falling at the most unexpected time
With the most unexpected soul
Like I couldn’t hold back anymore
The pull showing in our bodies
Wanting held in our eyes

Touching each other with eagerness
Caresses that never end
Like a hunger that needs satisfying
The taste is sweet in our mouths
Barriers gone to our desires

Words tumble out in an overflow
Trying to gauge mutual love
Like a disbelief becoming reality
The joy of finding our similarities
Dreams are ours to own

Darkness cloaks the room
Shrouding couples completely
Like a comfort zone it bathes
The time seems our time
Sands will be our downfall

Torture to leave alone at the door
Hot under the collar
Like I could explode into space
The particles ever our masses
Chemicals held in our veins

Remember lighting the touch paper
How it sparked life again
Like a catalyst to something new
Brightening the dark of our lives
Gone out as our memory fades

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