“She, maybe the face I can’t forget”…

Please welcome Kaushik as my latest guest poet!

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She carries the weight of the darkest
clouds over her head;
she feigns joy, and
her heart bleeds red.
when i am hurting,
her presence washes away my sorrow;
she embraces me like the pleasant breeze,
yet it is her heart that she won’t
lend for me to borrow.
when she’s broke, she sings to
the lonely skies;
and the sadness evaporates
from those angel eyes.
Her voice has nested in my ears;
my memories of her remain immortal
in my thoughts.
She has fought fiercely against my fears;
her presence shall linger forever in the chambers of my heart.
Neither the nectar of the flowers, nor the dew of dusk
is purer than the curvature of her smile;
which like a treasure chest I shall guard .
She walks in defiance of malice;
and her elegance accentuates
the sparkle of her heart.
Courage welcomes her with open arms;
her perseverance and magnanimity
shall keep her from falling apart.
She is bravery in its most endearing disguise,
she holds on to her dreams
and let goes of her cries.
She is now ready to spread her wings,
and prepared to face any war life brings.




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