“We’ll make it alright, to come undone”…

Please welcome back (finally!) my friend Cate as tonight’s Guest Poet!

If you would like to guest poet, please email your poetry to me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




You can’t hide behind your poison
The liquid burns though veins
Can not truly fulfil
Does not warm the chill
Loneliness remains

You can’t forget the taste of her love
The nectar runs through fingers
Is out of touch
Does not sense so much
Wanting lingers

You can’t deny yourself in the mirror
The dark sadness seeps through skin
Tries to not show
Does no good to wallow
Heartbreaking within

You can’t hold on to the past for long
The pain will rip through soul
Its damage not forever
Does no harm to sever
Taking parole

You can’t let her love mean nothing
The bond can bind you tight
It ties for forever more
Does not mean closed doors
Enabling flight

You can’t not reach out when you need
The pull is strong between two
Keeps it within reach
Does no less than teach
Powerfully cruel

You can’t walk away from her cries
The pain heard from afar
Lust can be replaced
Does not mean love’s erased
Memories scar

You can’t keep her locked forever
The clasp must loosen in time
Freedom the given goal
Does not destroy the soul
Liberation fine

You can’t not tell her true feelings
The hidden depths of certainty
Stronger as clock ticks by
Does not stop Angel fly
Sunshine’s eternally

15 responses to ““We’ll make it alright, to come undone”…

  1. Hi, I tried sending a couple of poems to the email address mentioned above, however, the delivery of the mail failed. Perhaps there’s another email address I could send to?

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