“And it whispers to me softly – come and play”…

Please welcome Manan as tonight’s Guest Poet.

You can read more of Manan’s work here: https://mananunleashed.wordpress.com/

If you would like to be a Guest Poet – email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


Unwell I feel, splittin headache I got
All the turmoil within, I fought
Always be strong, I’ve been taught
I need distraction

Strong am I, or a facade
Tired of always being on guard
Behind closed doors, I break down so hard
I need distraction

Drags of cigarettes I inhale
Wispy dark coils I exhale
Smoke calms my nerves when all fail
I need distraction

Bad necessary medicine, like morphine
I hallucinate, everything looks green
So blunt and absurd tonite my preen
I need distraction

Carroll was high with Alice
My high is short-lived, oh come on peace
Calm me down, put me at ease
I need distraction

The laundry undone, my den a mess
In the cupboard, hangs the unworn lil black dress
How did I get to this, no one can guess
I need distraction

TV on, something about Nobita, the nerdy guy
My lil one cuddles me, as he passes me by
You seem distracted he asks, oh Am I?
I need distraction….
from the distraction!

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