“You can go your own way”…

Please welcome Melanthi as tonight’s Gust Poet.

You can follow Melanthi on Twitter here: @melanthinicole

If you want to be a Guest Poet, email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


Do it your own way
Don’t let others sway you down their path
For your destination is not the same
You are the sun in your own solar system
Do what makes you shine brightest
Do what makes you radiate
You are the sun

This marvellous journey has no map,
Take chances!
Your destination may change
You may lead astray
Simply let your judgment lead the way

Expect there to be wrong turns
And bumps
And detours

Your end point is not the goal of your journey

For as long as your sun shines
For as long as you venture on
Enjoy yourself
Explore the world around you
As well as the world within you

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