“I want you to want me”…

Please welcome back Nathan for tonight’s Guest Poet slot!

You can read more of his work here: https://randompoemswithnohome.wordpress.com

If you would like a Guest Poet slot, please email me your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


I’ve imagined obtrusions

within the scope of my dreams

mapped with overtones

of virtuous engorged conception

through some threaded gown

of whispering wandering nightfall

spanning across a timeless terrain

with a tumescence defined

by shadowed lithe curves.

The taut complexion of years

begins to fade as histories

– drenched, restless, and stained –

releases with each pulsing petal

and leaves drift gracefully

from the superb silken skin

of your soiled summer dress.

One thousand years waiting

for the luxury of a moment’s smile.

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