“The city’s asleep, but my mind keeps running astray”…

Please welcome back Nathan as tonight’s guest poet. You can read more of his work here:


If you want to grab a guest poet slot, please email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



“Filling the late hours”

In hopeless abandon
helpless to be fuelled
by my own heartless skin.

The sun is a nourishing enemy
as time quickens distance
the shadows run deep
emptying memories like
the work of an angered God.

I’ve given up inside
hovering above tumbling
notes of tiny astray sand
deep within the desert womb.

Your vibrations beckon
from the next room over
and I think I’m stabbed yours.

The years are quick…
…the ache is quicker…
the light underground
never seems to heal.

This longing grazes love
through curtains curtailed
by the skipping weight
of years where the truth
seems buried beneath light
or something so resonant
arching sideways and blossoming
with an angered anguished moon.

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