“These things are hard, these things can hurt”…

Please welcome Tamanna as tonight’s Guest Poet.  You can read more of Tamanna’s work here:


If you would like to be a guest poet – please email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


Perhaps a sensation of a sensation lingers within,
Still resides in the chambers of the heart.
What it was, what it wasn’t
I am unaware, standing with conflicts within me.
For once, I believed in the never ending era of fantasy,
Triumphantly standing, without a hint of pain across the palette of my face.
Absolute chaos, utter bloodshed
Exists within the core of my essence.
Countless stories prevail around me,
Waiting to unfold.
Anxiety, or perhaps pain is what engulfs me.
The apparent blessing of being born with emotions,
Feels more like a curse.
Disguised perceptions, disguised viewpoints,
Float around, making mine vanish into thin air.
Far from intimidating, more like a misfit,
I questioningly approach myself,
Pointing a finger at my own existence.
Perhaps nobody exists for the sake of me.
I am aghast, with questions that reach beyond the scope of infinity.
Solitude is far away.

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