“And their laughter’s music to my ears”…

It is with great pleasure, that I am (finally) able to introduce George as tonight’s Guest Poet!

George has been a long time reader and a real supporter of all the guest poets who appear within these pages, so it was only fitting that I was finally able to get him to feature his work!

You can read more of George’s work here: https://georgeforfun.wordpress.com/about/

If you want to be a guest poet, just email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you to all those who have submitted recently – please bare / bear with me as I work through my backlog,

I hope you enjoy


Day by Day

Each day I live, I learn even more
Some days, I actually remember some things, too.
Old age or Senioritis doesn’t slow me down, much.
Concentrating on recalling a recent past does, indeed.
Today, while reading about mice and rats,
A big smile came upon my face
As glimmers of hope grew from inside my heart.
Finally, a good reason to like these creatures
Of Nature which I have had absolutely no use
Except observing them become fodder for wild yard cats.
Reading about cyborgs and rats & mice
Becoming the heroes to many my age
I almost felt guilty about being happy.
Then again an hour from now
Will I remember why?
Maybe someday soon,
I won’t need notes on the Fridge
Or abbreviations on my shoes:
TGIF, no not Thank Goodness It’s Friday,
but Toes Go In First ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Especially on Thursdays,
The day I need the most instructional help.
For those of you who don’t see the humor
Inside this witty little poem.
Don’t worry!
Senioritis helps me find joy
And forget so much else.
It’s not always sad
When my Rememberer skips a beat
And my Forgetter goes into overdrive.
We all grow older, mandatory it is
Unless you cease to exist today.
No one says we must grow up
Especially my adult role model, Peter Pan.
Where many only find pity,
I find humor and love.
After all,
Of all the things I’ve loved and lost

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