“But there’s nothing to grasp, so I let go”…

Please welcome Jennifer as tonight’s guest poet!

Jennifer decided to write the other side of the story to this recent poem of mine :

You can read more of her work here:

If you fancy being a guest poet – send your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Secrets out

How so nice it was, when we first met
So charming I presumed
Your eyes; how they got me forever in debt
Your body seduced me and my mind did you the same
But oh, how we put side the games we both played

You held me, you kissed me
Told me things will turn out just right
How amused I was, when I saw the darkness through the light

When together, the time felt like it had stopped
But the clock was still ticking
Like a witch and her warlock
Non-stop battles between spells and tricking

Now I can’t stand you
Fuck you, vanish away
How many times you lied
Pretending you would stay
And how many times you made me hurt
But oh how so cleverly, you picked my pieces up from the dirt

I can’t believe how I felt
How amazing you made me feel
But no! Not no more you asshole
I’m the queen of playing the cards I’ve been dealt

All that time I knew, you are the stupid fool!
No! you cannot have me back
I’m through with being used

You think you can play me? You thought you were it ?
But ohh if you knew honey, my game was more legit
I used you for comfort, I used you for sex
Oh yes how I played you and not with one single regret

I meant every lie I told you, every single one
Because my ego can’t be tarnished, my song will always be sung

But who was I really hurting? Just me perhaps
So hard I fell for you, It felt like a fucking relapse

You lucky bastard! You had caught me, I shouldn’t have let my guards down
For a piece of shit man like you, who almost made me drop my crown

My crown may have been tarnished, but I’ll polish it off real quick
Save myself for a real man, who won’t make me feel sick

Who do you think you were fucking with?
A priest or a pastor
Oh nooo not me, I’m a fucking beautiful disaster!

You think your storms are the ones that will reign high?
Put your head in your palms, observe and realize
I’m the one baby, who cut the fucking ties!

You’re weak, you’re pathetic, pitiful like a dog that’s been bitten
Beneath my throne, you will bow down
I’m the one administering the whipping!

You will never be above me, I’ll put you down so low
Inferior to you I tell ya, I will remove that sexy fucking glow

So goodbye for now, today and tomorrow
My future will be great without you, no heartaches or sorrow

I’m a princess, I’m queen and all the milestones in between

There’s will be no happy endings or fairy tales, with us so sweet
Look in the mirror and tell me, how does it feel to be beat?
Fuck it! There’s the truth
The secrets are out
I know you will think of me without a fucking doubt!
Go about your business and all the things that you continue to do
And I’ll sit back with my feet up, smiling that were through

5 responses to ““But there’s nothing to grasp, so I let go”…

      • I will work on that for you and others, someone else has been poking me, I just haven’t taken the time to concentrate on writings as much as I should. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        <3(๑̀ ͜ʖ๑́)<3
        Always a pleasure to share such talent with others that will appreciate it as much as I do.

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