“I swore you were the one”…

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Confession of a Guilty Heart

You didn’t have to understand

All I wanted was, for you to feel

If only you reached for my hand

Then my heart full of love could have been real

But, it was my fault

I didn’t love you a lot

It was my duty, and

All I thought of, was me

Your world was full of difficulty

Neither did I understand, nor did I see

I was blinded by my arrogance

For which I missed all my chance

I made you miserable, I made you cry

Making you think my love was a lie

Wish I had done things differently, then

We could have spent these 3 years gracefully

Now the chance is gone, and

I am all alone

But, I am happy to see you happy

As that’s all I ever wanted you to be

So, I am writing this, just to let you know

This is where I let you go

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