“And I’m feeling my way through the dark”…

Please welcome Annie for tonight’s Guest Poet slot.

You can read more of Annie’s fantastic work here: http://gentlementalannie.com/

If you want a guest poet slot, please email eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Walking Alone Through the Darkness

Walking alone through the darkened streets
No hand to hold mine for company
In the past my hand did not swing freely
It was always grasped by another

There have been many hands that I have held
At the time they made me feel less alone
But when they suddenly let go…
I felt more alone than before

I wished I had never touched them, caressed them
Allowed them to guide me into darker streets
But my hand swings freely tonight
In the dim illumination of a distant street light

I am walking on this particular street because
One of the hands guided me here
Into the darkened alley with no lamp posts
Promising they would not leave me

But I walk on my own with less fear
Than when the last hand was here
It seems like a backwards tale to tell
Of loving another who put you in Hell

Now I can touch and hold what I choose
My hand is not owned by any other
I can guide my own feet by the light in the distance
It gets a little brighter as I follow its guide

9 responses to ““And I’m feeling my way through the dark”…

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  2. There is a service member suffering from PTSD and depression and asking for help for himself and his family. Please take the time to support our men/women in uniform that battle and suffer each day.


    This is where you can support. Great cause.

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