“Hello darkness my old friend”…

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dark f

Yeah, I remember you and all your lies
You’re the one who put that crazy ass look in my eyes
You filled me full of ‘I’m the one they all want to love’
I believed you, too, I think everyone does

So you’re back and banging at my door
Why? Think I’m still gonna want to be your whore?
You do look tempting, I gotta say
You seduce so easily and I so want to play

What will you do to entice me this time?
Fill my head full of ‘c’mon let’s just dance one more time?’
Cop some drugs and party from dusk til dawn?
To find my tarnished tiara and you with it gone?

You’re such a con, a master manipulator
A sorcerer, spell caster, an evil articulator
You’re so arrogant thinking you can come around when you want
I’m strong now, I’m whole now, but damn your eyes taunt

What spell have you cast to so easily tempt me?
You know there’s a part of me desolate and empty
That I would take anything over nothing, even you
Fuck, get away, wait let me just grab my shoes

One more you say? Just one more dance, right?
Where, oh I know, that culty club we so liked
Only the best dressed and best drugged allowed
You know to take me, I stand out in that crowd

While the other peasants strain just to get a glimpse
Into where the stars go, the whores and their pimps
Oh, wait, that’s not us, those days are long gone
Of course, you assure, pick a pill, grab the bong

Let’s dance like we said, raise the roof, snort a line
You tell me they all want me, I should know I’m damn fine
You watch me seduce them with this body so sweet
They writhe in a lather and gather at my feet

Oh, how I’ve missed you, why did you leave me for so long
I’m never myself unless you come along
More shots, more smoke, more lines, more dancing
They’re all where I want them, drooling and panting

God, they’re so pitiful, pathetic, lost like a kitten
I’m a Goddess, you told me, so bow and be smitten
Let me walk on your backs on my way up the ladder
To the sky, to the clouds, where emotions don’t matter

God, we used to have so much fun you and I
But there were those three times that I did almost die
What’s that you say, it was just a big misunderstanding?
You had to leave, someone else needed you and hey, I’m still standing

You hated my crying and churning up all those issues
You had your hands full handing me ultimatums and tissues
I’d put on my armor, my make-up and lashes
You wink and it melts me, my sanity crashes

We’d fuck up and wake up and snort up and repeat
Count every lifetime with our dead-end heartbeats
We were all the right places at just the right times
All eyes were upon us, tripping the light sublime

And then you were gone and left no forwarding address
I tossed my heart in the wash and hit Permanent Press
There’s been some mistake, you wouldn’t leave me behind
But you did with no money, no drugs, just your stench of stale wine

I went back to those places you and I once haunted
I’m a Queen, can’t you see that, I’m adored and so wanted
The sting of the doors slamming shut in my face
Made me realize without you I had fallen from Grace

I picked up my tutu, my fairy dust and wings
They were broken as I was and fuck that fall stings
Someone must have scraped me up off the ground
I was trapped in a psych ward when I finally came around

Yeah, you know those stories of restraints and white coats
You have to choke your way through the truth caught in your throat
Yes doctor, no doctor, yes I’m confident I’m ready
Thank God he can’t see you there with cocaine and confetti

Yes, I assure you it will never happen, I’ve seen the bright light
Yes, I’ll take all those pills you prescribed me at night
No, I won’t see those people, I know they’re all “plastic”
That term, doc, I love it, you truly are fantastic!!

I’m out now, I can’t see you, have I finally won?
My wings can expand now I’ll take flight toward the sun
Fuck you, you bastard, don’t ever darken my door
You may still be a pimp but I’m nobody’s whore

I’m straight now, I’m happy, it takes just a few meds
To keep me from putting a gun to my head
I’m fine on my own, I don’t need those hiding places
But I still carry your collection of my secret faces

I even found love and got married once or twice
But you took the best of me with you when you left me that night
No one compares, no one can pulse fast through my veins
You’re the only one brave enough to let me off of my reins

Funny, I haven’t really thought of you in years
The first few spirals were hard even worse than I feared
Family? Friends? No, no way, I’m too “flighty”
They say I can only be saved by that dude, the Almighty

Well fuck them, fuck me, fuck you and your seduction
I’ve learned how to fake it, keep it together, no disruption
It’s boring, it’s drab, like those peasants we laughed at
So “normal” and “she seems fine now” no more “crazy chit chat”

So I’m telling you, feel it, this time I really mean it
I’m so done with you, I’ve had you, we’ve been there and seen it
What more could you want, you took the very light from my eyes
My soul, my heart, you unveiled my disguise

What’s that you’re whispering, come closer you say?
Which hand is it in? I don’t fucking care, go away
Right or left? It’s a simple question, aww come on take a guess
Nope! I’m not playing, not again…….

Wait, the left???

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