“Don’t stop it now, now is so right”…

I am really thrilled to introduce Richard as tonights guest poet – I have long admired Richard’s work and you can read more of his fantastic work here:  http://richardankers.com/

If you would like to grab a guest poet slot, please email your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




It envelopes
In waves of YOU;
It’s all the same:
The wine glass,
Claret bubbling,
Waits for your lips;
I wait with it,
As your tongue samples the air.
Who’ll make the first move,
I wonder?
Yet, it is YOU,
Always YOU,
And I know it.
And I wish it.
And I desire it.
The night draws in
A dark cloak,
And I lose your shadow
To the void.
Lose my own, too.
But your eyes,
Emerald green and shining
Flick open,
The wing glass lifts,
And I wait for your stiletto
To be moved from my throat.
As I always do,
And always will
For YOU.

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