“This is where I’ll be, so Heavenly”…

Please welcome George as tonight’s guest poet! You can read more of George’s work here:


If you want to be a guest poet, you know what to do! Drop me your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk




Angel Warrior
Feathers lost in battle,
Knowing the war wages
Rest is never enough
As he flies onward
Farther from his Love
Daily he must think
When will it end?
Is today the day
I fight no longer
Or just another phase
Good’s battle against EVIL
Together he frees them
His fears of losing
Onward he flies higher
To see more clearly
He cannot lose again
He is only chance
Born to become this
Today is last stance
Forever is at hand
Fighting to join Her
His love in Eternity
She waits for Him
Joined at last again
Together for all time.
Michael is his Name
Archangel is his Fate
Failure not an option.
Into Eternity, her arms
He flies, she cries
Joyous, a final reunion.
Together again,

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