“And you’ll do just what you used to do”…

Please welcome back Nathan as tonight’s guest poet! You can read more of his work here:


If you would like to be featured – please send me your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

The quondam pang
of coloured images
barely cease their
rippling permeation
through riptide streams
of rapid memories
clearly fixed within
the sinewy lingerie
of some culling
contoured afternoon
…like a graceful eddy
beneath layered
swirling enclosures
of a supple heart.
Time may offer
its soothing ballets
and symphonic embraces…
but the precise
pounding impact
of brilliantly knowing
remains as a symbolic
tormenting stain.
Greens replaced
with wide-eyed browns…
even within a prism
of soft lovely hues
some cold nights
will never cease
their intrusive entry…
as cars go by
or roads beckon
with sultry sullied
elementary reason
…as if locked…
in some clumsy attempt
to escape absurdity.

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