“I’ve lost before, you know I can’t forget”…

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Defeat (16)

I don’t know where, I don’t know why,
I guessed it must have passed me by.
I realise now what I have lost.
I never knew what it would cost.

They say the past is history,
And that’s the same for you and me.
Today’s a gift it’s my present,
to share with you this sentiment.

The futures vague like a mystery,
We’ll never know what we could be.
You left me, broken, cold, alone,
I miss you laughing I miss you moan.

Be it through woe or ecstasy,
your voice will always comfort me.
I know that things will never change,
I only have myself to blame.

I should have seen divides ahead
But I saw ignorance instead.
I should have seen it on your face.
You should still be with me today.

How I feel now is terrible,
was up so high, so far to fall.
When you’re in love it’s total bliss,
being with you I sorely miss.

The good, the bad, all that we shared,
I tried to show how much I cared.
I guess for you it’s not enough,
which means for me that luck is tough.

You’ll always be the one for me,
But without you we cannot be.
So I will ponder head facing feet
and try to cope with this defeat

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