“Did you ever stop to notice, all the blood we’ve shed before”…

Please welcome Georgina as my latest guest poet!

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It’s Sad

It’s sad when

Brother murders
Brother in cold blood
And there is no justice.

It’s sad when
Leaders cannot agree
When their people
Aren’t allowed free speech.

It’s sad that
The world is at war,
While people live
In fear instead of peace.

It’s sad when
We live in the shadows,
With no protection
And no privacy of our own.

What can we do?
When we have nothing
How we will live again?
When the damage is done

What can we do to change the world we live in?

7 responses to ““Did you ever stop to notice, all the blood we’ve shed before”…

  1. It is and even still, we have a war on our own people in the USA. No one works together from the transgender groups to every other group in need. We can spend money on foreign wars and yet not house indigent people who have problems and cannot help themselves. How can we not look to God for the sake of man or look to each other for compassion. I am a Vietnam-era Veteran and agree with the premise of man vs man.

    But the problem is probably more diplomat and general vs diplomat and general.

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