“Where we cry without sound”…

Please welcome Mikey as my latest guest poet – you can read more of his work here:





Exploding face, piercing screams
Tears fall, fall in streams
Suspended, yet, on the move
On an endless quest, what to prove.

Head wrenched back before the eyes
Of millions of questioning sighs
But the splash of tears, on bare shoulders
Justifies not what was told.

These cold and icy drips
Drip through the tortured grip
Of insanity, within one’s own
The feeling of a godamn clone.

The body pale and ruptured, still
Reveals scars, ‘though of no pill
Just inexplicable power
All things crumble, a human tower.

Bound by a frame, cold, of stone
Tears scattered before a throne
A fallen figure, nowhere to go
The is blank…just let it flow.

13 responses to ““Where we cry without sound”…

  1. J, this is awesome mate! Thank you so much – the music fits the wording like a glove and I love the ‘Where we cry without sound’ quote from the song. Nice one! M.

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