“I don’t know how long the breeze will let me stay”…

Please welcome back Nathan as tonight’s guest poet. You can read more of his work here:


If you would like to have a guest poet slot, please contact me at eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk


“The house shook”

part from the rest

of her house

…cradled against

the enveloping hunger

of the pantry

…I held her close

with a savouring kiss.

My mind resolute

that I would go home.

Her appetite tempted

with tantalizing pulls

of marked exploration…

Lulled slightly closer…

as her skin spoke

of love’s locked

mysterious history…

Her lips mused

a sweet song…

the tilting arch

of her hips drew

unsure eager hands…

foreign yet familiar…

with knowing warmth…

Paths opened

as fingers mapped

fondling destinations

…wet sounds trembled

from the trailing edge…

of swirling whispers.

She led me

from the kitchen

to her room…

I forgot language

consisted of hard words…

Her clothes

fell to the floor…

She filled my lungs

with air to breathe.

All I knew was

her flowing taste

upon my tongue.

Drenched contours…

formed a quivering valley

of sweet piquancy…

an invitation…to be…

within her…

Electricity…basking us

with delicate fairy-tales

written by gathering desires…

as if suddenly plugged

into something found…

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