“I’ll wait for you there alone”…

Please welcome back Nathan for tonight’s guest poet slot – you can read more of Nathan’s work here:




“Vex Me”

These days split in half
divorced from reason
positioned as a hot mess
beneath a sluggish moon
spreading over me with
sedentary grey shadows
built for two.
If it’s a choice I made
then the fluid wit
of sanity has certainly
found higher quality digs…
This braided heart
will always reserve space
purchased by the sweet taste
of your wrecking grip
resounding within dreadful
melancholy symphonies
of love’s tarnished blaze
spreading seamlessly through
…a fucked foliage…
of senseless murmuring trees
targeting a tender slack soul.
I am so very tired
beneath the twinkling branch
of those slighted eyes.


7 responses to ““I’ll wait for you there alone”…

  1. I love this! 🙂 Great poem!

    (So you have two blogs then, Nathan? 😉 Or am I mixing you up with another Nathan? Either way, I’m definitely going to check this one out too ^^)

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