“Whenever I fall”…

I am thrilled to welcome back our good friend Cate as a guest poet, it has been far too long!




I will have you at your will
But you are out of reach still
Trapped by feelings of guilt
I wait for the balance to tilt
For the sands of her time to run out
Dry deserts to give up the drought
A fresh start after a long dark night
Chance to bathe in warm sunlight
To drink from the fountain of true love
You must climb to reach me above
She has the power complete
I believe I cannot even compete.

She screeches in the night
Blood curdling accusations
Passionately wants to fight
She has a hold on you
How can I compete?

Talons dig in deep
Fingernails clawing you back
While I lie here at your tethered feet
She will never release you
How can I compete?

Staying by her devilish side
The enemy best wrestled closer
Timed moves to escape will arrive
But she won’t let you out of sight
How can I compete?

Pulling at your torn heart strings
Ripping further your tortured soul
The line reels you back in
She cannot unhook you
How can I compete?

Years of memories bond
Playing all her cards
The ace of hearts and beyond
She always wins you back
How can I compete?

Her naked charms persist
Open to tempt you to stay
Not able to protest or resist
She embraces with wicked smile
How can I compete?

In darkness trying to break free
Chains tighten and cut skin
Tears flesh just to be with me
She strengthens the links
How can I compete?

A poisonous spell intoxicates
Forms hallucinations of happiness
Keeps you in a drugged state
She makes you believe her
How can I compete?

Trying hard to leave the den
While hawklike attention’s turned
Undercover efforts deepen
She builds the walls higher
How can I compete?

With mind set on freedom’s gate
The path laden with clever traps
Yet still you risk your fate
She tries to keep you attached
How can I compete?

She devil sees you’re stronger
Midnight wails at her loosening grip
The eternal ties hold no longer
She cannot halt free will?
How can I compete?

I will have you at your will
My open arms calm and still
You walk at your pace towards me
My patience rewarded by what I see
A man who loves me and has choice
Comes to me with truth in voice
Embracing and falling deep
Equals in the life we seek
I am who I am, you are who you are
We accept each other so far
Finally together on our window seat.
I realise I didn’t have to compete.

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