“Strange that I was wrong enough, to think you’d love me too”…

Please welcome back Nathan for tonights guest poet slot.

This submission is entitled “Demanding Fantasy and Sleep”!

You can read more of Nathan’s work here:
 I hope you enjoy
“Demanding Fantasy and Sleep”

A desolate geography

of division and

painful degrees

where I exist as

…nothing at all.

She never loved me…

using me to further

her paths as if

a tool of support

to strip away excess bone

…and drunken tendons

revealing raw tenuous lines

between glistening truths

and rusted halves…

Embracing propaganda

to stampede

the sinew of dreams

as if trampling love

were some unifying

natural drive within.

You took advantage

of a pure emotion

seasoning innocence seductively

with tenderly sprinkled lies.

You used me…

blinding my will to survive.

The freedom of closure

…the grand desire…

for a serene rested heart.

Awaken with sincerity

…offer a pristine gift

of a well-earned apology

softly whispered and placed

beneath the needles

of a holiday tree…

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