“And they keep calling out, calling out someone’s name”…



Like Siren’s on the rocks…

Calling ships to shore

Their voices fill the air

Tempting him once more…

Knowing all his secrets

All his dark fantasies

Exploiting his weakness…

Distorting what he sees…

The world around him

And all that he knows

Begin to melt away…

As the North wind blows…

Bringing their words to his ear

And infecting his soul…

A Voodoo type of magic

That simply takes control

Of his thoughts and actions

Which take a life of their own

And the darkness inside him…

Is once again shown

Yet there is nothing he can do…

He’s spellbound by their voices

Those serpents in the grass

Who remove all of his choices…

Telling him what to do

Commanding that he listens…

Like a puppet on a string

Who never learns his lessons

Sleepwalking back towards them…

The moment they appear

Numbing all his senses

Forgetting all his fears

But those Siren’s on the rocks…

Speak in tongues of strangers

And he needs to wake up

Then understand the dangers…

Yet they beckon him over

Knowing he will always fall…

And that he’ll forever be

At their sinful beck and call


9 responses to ““And they keep calling out, calling out someone’s name”…

  1. You showcase a horrific state of affairs. The only way to display the horror properly, is to gain perspective from the Holy Throne of the Most High God. That perspective has often thrown men to the ground in convulsing tears.

    Yes the sirens still call. But so does the blazing Glory of the Most High God in Christ Jesus, His Holy and Righteous Son.

    (I write this reply to complete the sonnet.)

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