“The sweetest thing I’ve ever known, is loving you”…

Please welcome Keith as today’s guest poet – he is a long term friend of this blog and I am really thrilled that he agreed to participate!

You can read more of his words over on http://keithakenel.wordpress.com/




My rock, my foundation-
has my heart forevermore.
Still find too oft of late
I dream of distant shores.

Such shallow imaginings,
that whisper of sweet sin.
Long for wine succulent-
temptation’s crashing in.

Hate petty desire
that clouds my lady’s grace.
So many men would die
for what I have in spades.

On me she can rely
but I’m caught in masquerade.
Fear I will reach the point
of unmasking my charade.

Her value grows each day-
why can’t I let it be?
The problems not with her-
rather deep inside of me.

Honor should come easy
when mated with a prize.
Still I’m feeling queasy,
my lust I do despise.

She’s won my love forever:
Cloying desire wicked.
It’s passing decades talking-
reminds me I’m no kid.

What man would ever throw
a gift like her away?
Better I be swallowed
by a cold, early grave.

To have her and to hold,
in lifelong harmony,
such a bounteous harvest-
any idiot can see.

I’ve seen too many fools
throw true love aside.
Such a wondrous woman-
and source of so much pride.

I’ll just keep on smiling
and sing to her of love.
Hope that the passing hours
will help me rise above.

Photo by Todd Kaminski

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