“I should have followed you home”…

It’s been far too long, but finally my beautiful guest poet Cate returns – and with a stunner!

I hope you enjoy




Another Chance

Another chance meeting
Engineered by Fate
He knows what is needed
On this memorable date

More stolen kisses
Encouraged by Destiny
She knows it will happen
Tonight just you and me

Timeless eye gazing
Allowed by Father Time
He knows sand’s falling fast
Losing space when you’re mine

Linked fingers twisting
Started by Momentum
She knows where it leads
Now the barriers are gone

Hands endlessly exploring
Given in by Permission
He knows no reason not
To allow hot skin to skin

Tongues again tasting
To satisfy deep Hunger
She knows the ache well
But the fasting is no longer

Arousing feelings grow
Fuelled by pure Lust
She knows the want’s there
Having it is a must

Close proximity excites
Driven by Temptation
He knows the real reward
Feeling the body’s true reaction

Hidden pleasurable touches
Given up by Chance
She knows to hold on
To make her connection enhance

Reaching known places
Already seen by Sight
He knows what to expect
As he enters totality tonight

Reeling from shockwaves
That’s brought by Ecstasy
She knows it’s power’s strong
Mutual need both clearly see

Decision to separate
Made by common Sense
He knows the real situation
Faithfulness is the intent

Sadness and happiness
Brought here by Reality
She knows can’t belong together
Even emotions that bring vitality

Final moments grabbed
Taken on by Desire
He knows that further kisses
Will only ignite wild fires

Embers burn forever
Fanned by a constant Love
She knows will last lifetimes
Written in the stars already taken care of

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