“Words like violence, break the silence”…

I am thrilled that Rose has agreed to guest poet for me. Rose was kind enough to nominate this blog for a Liebster award here:


I don’t know enough about all the different awards on wordpress and you know by now that I tend not to follow the rules associated, however, I am always humbled to receive one.

That said, you don’t need to award me anything to guest poet on these pages, all I need is your words, along with a photo and youtube clip that compliments them – email eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

Over the life of this blog, I have had so many brilliant submissions, it really is a joy and a privilege to be able to post them all up and share with the growing wordpress family. I hope you enjoy Rose’s submission!





I sit in my cave, in the darkness
No one is awake, but I.
I am silent in this darkness,
that is the way they want me.
Silent and alone in this darkness
I lose my mind to the loneliness
I lose my body to the emptiness.
I become numb to the pain.

Women must be quiet
Women must be thin
Women must be weak
Women must not make waves.
I am living up to their expectations
of me in this darkness.

They told me I could be anything I wanted
They forgot to tell me I could be other.
Someone I did not want to be
Someone they wanted me to be,
in this darkness.

They told me
It does not matter that you are a woman
It is not a man’s world anymore.
They lied.
It is
Here in this darkness.

In a women’s world, there would be light
Not darkness.
A righteous woman would prevail over an evil man.
Evil, you laugh
But it is so in this darkness.

He lies better than she tells the truth.
He deceives better than she reveals.
He manipulates better than she sets right.
He spreads fear better than she spreads courage.
He inflicts pain better than she administers cures.
He is a man better than she is a woman.
He is a bad cop better than she is a good citizen.
He arms himself with the weak better than
She arms herself with the weak
In this darkness.

Ha – the weak
Therein lies the agony.
They want no part of truth.
They have no morals.
They have no convictions.
They have no courage.
They do not want her medicine.
They believe in the stereotypes.
They have no faith in the system
But, they have lots of fear.
And in the end he prevails
While she sits alone and silent
with her pain
in the darkness.

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