“I’m in the dark, I’d like to read his mind”…

This brilliant poem came in for the poetry challenge from CC from over at the darkside – Alex has previously submitted as a guest poet for me and you can read more about the girls here : http://ccchanel41.wordpress.com

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!




All consuming silence

A black book – revered and holy-
Hands reached for a letter, as they shook
He read with coldness and distant memory

He had picked a wife to groom and train
For beauty and poise – to possess –
He gave her the world, riches – not pain –
Asked only to meet his needs
and be appropriate as an heiress

Holding her letter he remembered -control-
All he had been taught and told
Realizing she was not the right one
Always too quick to speak, too bold

Looking around at all he possessed
Holding her letter, hands trembling less
Reminding himself he was the Master, King of his Domain
Love was a delusion, bringing only pain

He tossed her letter into the fire
Extinguishing any guilt or desire
He picked up his – black book –
Began thumbing through

He knew who he needed
Taught him all he knew
Passing business associates, both good and bad, mistresses…
“Hello Mother………….. How are you?”

16 responses to ““I’m in the dark, I’d like to read his mind”…

  1. J, thank you for hosting this poetry challenge, and to present “His” side of the story. What a wonderful and truly creative idea! The responses you have received have been wonderful and a pleasure to read.

    CC, this is marvelous, wow! So much here, written with a clarity as to his side of the story, his perspective through the eyes of the narrator, revealing to the reader the shallowness and rather and egocentric behavior of his character. I love the second stanza, as it speaks to the expectations of the relationship, as though it was a contract, perhaps the metaphor of the letter. My favorite stanza is the last one, in which it’s revealed how fragile he really is, running home to his mother with a phone call, which obviously he considers a safe place. Even scarier, is the idea that a mother would create a man like this! At least this is how I interpreted it. Thank you, your poetry excellent as always! The image of the fire place and the music video “Voices Carry” hold hands perfectly with your words. Bravo on a fabulous presentation!

    Thank you to the both of you!

    Warm wishes,

    • Thank you Pepperanne,
      I had written a previous version and it kind of strayed into a half and half version. But, I had this song in mind the whole time. I was going off of the answer to J’s original poem, but it has been interesting and truly wonderful poetry to see total opposites from others.
      Yes, I saw a powerful man with a woman in mind to posses with more of a contractual marriage. I also did envision the mother as who created him to be most of what he turned into and his safe place at the same time..so glad that came through. So, in a way, giving him a little empathy in the end.
      The song I also saw as tying in with both ways, could have been a part of her letter…and also explaining his past as well.
      Thank you Pepperanne…I always love your comments, and always kind words. I am not the poet as Alex is, but I thought I would try this. 🙂

      Yes, J, has been wonderful doing this.

      Much love to you,

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