“She had me losing my mind”…

What’s his story…?

Little did I think that posting this:


Would lead me to opening up my first ever poetry challenge to you all, but so it has come to pass!

Regular readers will know I think there are 3 sides to every story, his, hers and the truth inbetween.

So further to a couple of comments asking for “HIS” side of the story, I would like to invite anyone to write one and submit to me.

All submissions will be posted, along with a link to your blog if you have one, so you can showcase your other work.

Please submit words, photo and youtube clip to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk

If you can’t think of a song or photo, don’t worry, I can help with that.

First to submit for this challenge is a powerful piece from Xiaofu46 over at http://thejourneyfromtheretohere.wordpress.com/author/xiaofu46/

I hope you enjoy and it inspires more of you to write in.




Love never had is love never lost

She spoke of how he treated her,
she speaks of it still.

The complaints and degradation,
beating on her will.

He said this and he did that,
he turned the kid’s hearts black.

No, they love, those that love them,
but she just turned her back.

The things she heard from his lips,
were indeed fighting words.

But after fucking other men,
no anger from him would be absurd.

There is no law in this wide land,
enforcing fidelity to your spouse.

She knows this and her lovers too,
will be quiet as a mouse.

What she doesn’t say or wish to,
is how few and far between.

These cruel words and deeds were heard,
experienced and seen.

Also you’ll never hear from her,
her deeds when she was wrong.

Adultery, lies for 20 years,
abusing love so long.

She won’t speak of his forgiveness,
putting her wrongs aside.

Or of him bringing fine things,
to her from the world outside.

I submit to proven things and
crimes committed, mine.

She’ll move on and tell her tales,
to some one new, that’s fine.

A simple look of pain expressed,
is all it takes for some.

They don’t even need to hear the words,
to believe her siren’s song.

That was then and burns it does,
to walk from a just fight.

But soon enough, not by my hand,
she’ll learn the wrong from right.

So she can spout about her life and
family she had lost.

Even her children scorn her now,
because she loves herself the most.

She has a family large and strong,
their warmth had been a shelter.

Not good enough, it was too tough,
to not act so helter skelter.

And when she comes to her next one,
with nothing of her own.

She’ll use their heart and drain their life,
chew them to the bone.

One last note for those that read,
look into your lover’s eyes.

If they have no warmth or depth of life,
their past is simply shadows, smears and lies.

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